Tips & Things You Should Know When Traveling Abroad 28/07/2017

Traveling abroad is exciting and the experience will form you into another person, as does every experience in life. But when traveling if you aren’t prepared, things can escalate pretty quickly and the experience can be negative and scary. The best way to avoid this is to be VERY WELL PREPARED to insure a happy, soul enlightening and positive experience to cherish forever!

First step, do your RESEARCH!

  1. Secure your travel dates and book your flights far in advance to get the best prices. Usually depending on the country you can book up to 10 months in advance, that gives you a lot of time to start planning, like for example Asia, it’s so big the more time you have to plan all the details the better. For Europe around 9 months and places like South America 3 months in advance is enough time.
  2. Go to your local second hand bookstore and find a guide book of the country you are visiting, or simply go online and research places you want to visit.

*Some destination Hotels need prior reservations before arrival, plus it makes traveling easier so you don’t need to worry so much.

  1. In case of any emergency, it’s always good to have a list of contact numbers. For example your nearest home country Embassy.


  1. You will need a passport for traveling and you should make sure your passport is in date and inline with each country’s laws.
  2. It’s useful to have a photocopy of your passport to carry around with you. Also have a digital copy in your emails for backup.
  3. Find out whether you need a visa for the country you are traveling to.
  4. If you think you might be driving in the country you’re traveling to, you should have an International Driving Permit with you.


  1. Ask a doctor about any vaccinations you might need.
  2. If you take medication for anything, get a letter from your doctor with what the generic equivalent is of your medicine in case you need it abroad. But always pack enough anyways.


  1. Depending on where you are traveling to, take either a sturdy suitcase or a convenient backpack, if your destination includes speedboat journeys and jumping off boats.
  2. Liquids bigger than 100ml need to be packed and checked in on the flight.
  3. Make sure there’s nothing in your carry luggage that you can’t bring on the flight, or it will be confiscated.
  4. Check the weather of your destination to have a good idea of what to bring.


  1. Try to find accommodation that offer free WIFI, nowadays pretty much everywhere.
  2. Download some useful apps that will help you while you travel.
    1. Skype and whatsapp, are pretty universal, but each continent usually has it’s most popular chat app like line or wechat.
    2. Triplingo helps you learn important phrases in foreign languages.
    3. Safety map worldwide might come in handy, but do your research there’s a new app out everyday.
  3. Turn off your phone’s data feature to make sure you won’t be charged extra whilst using your phone overseas.
  4. If you don’t have a watch buy one. Make sure to set it to the correct timezone for the country you are traveling to.
  5. Buy converters and adaptors so you can use your electronics in the country you are visiting. Remember voltages will be different, so be careful before using them.


  1. Let your bank know that you’re going away so they don’t suspect weird activity from your card as they will block it otherwise. Also check your card will work abroad.
  2. Take out some cash in the currency of the place you’re traveling to, in case you need money right away when you arrive.
  3. Look up the conversion rate and get an app to use when needed.
  4. Check if there are any fees to enter or exit the country you’re traveling.

Always stay calm and don’t panic if something goes wrong when traveling, there is a solution for everything, enjoy the journey and travel smart!

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