DOMINIC: How ReservationZambia.Com Got Started 28/07/2017

Having been in the “entrepreneur game” for the last 2 years, in either my own startup or someone else’s, I am not new to “the business of starting companies” so I knew what I was getting myself into. However, I keep on forgetting how much time gets devoted to giving birth to a new company. I think if I would remember this simple fact I would stop this madness. I also think it’s an addiction to do something crazy like this and I think that everyone in the [tech] startup business are a very intense bunch. Between, having something to prove and the exhilaration of creating something new and exciting, is enough to keep us crazies up until the early morning in front of our laptops caressing our keyboards…

You know what!?!?!?! These last three years have been so much fun. And I really mean fun. Never mind working 10 hours every day straight like a machine. If you do something you love to do, wh

y would you do something else right?! But, let’s not get too much into my crazy addiction and love affair with my laptop. This entry is about letting you get to know me and my co-founders and find out how it all started.

Being an entrepreneur at heart but a software developer by trade, I am able to create and implement my ideas without a lot of upfront investment. Technology is the greatest equalizer of all time and I highly encourage everyone to get to know this world better as it’s only going to get more prevalent and ubiquitous. I am also able to work from anywhere in the world with only my laptop at my side and that definitely has its benefits.


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